1200 DPI Jagged Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Why should I choose this product? 

This 1200 DPI Jagged Wireless Gaming Mouse is the perfect device for the user who is on their computer/laptop a lot. The mouse is ergonomic in its design so that the user can go for hours without getting a cramp in their hand. Although the main application for the mouse is video games, this mouse can be used for any application involving a mouse.

  • High-Quality: The quality of the mouse is designed for heavy use
  • Multiple Colors: Black, Red, or Grey
  • Applications: Video Games, Desktop, Office, Home Use, Creative, Laptop
  • 6 Buttons: Assign specific commands to each button! 
  • USB Interface: Connect bluetooth device into any USB input port

Compatible with: iOS, Windows, or Linux devices


  1. Power Type: Rechargeable
  2. DPI: 1200
  3. Type: 2.4Ghz Wireless
  4. Interface Type: USB
  5. Power Type: Rechargeable
  6. Tracking Method: Optical
  7. Interface Type: USB
  8. Hand Orientation: Right
  9. Operation Mode: Opto-electronic
  10. Number of Buttons: 6
  11. Number of Rollers: 1
  12. Gross Weight: 130g
  13. Applications: Video Game, Desktop, Office, Home Use, Creative, Laptop

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