5200 mAh Portable Square Suction Solar Chargers

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Why should I choose this product? 

This 5200 mAh Portable Square Suction Solar Charger is perfect for the average worker who sits by a window. In the mornings, you can simply stick the solar charger to the window, plug in any USB Output cable, and plug in the device of your choice. Although it will take a while to fully charge your device, you can count on the fact that it's going to constantly be "charging". Also, you're helping the environment by utilizing solar energy!

  • Suction Cups: 4 high-quality suction cups, attached to back of device
  • Charging time by sunlight: about 15-20 hours by strong sunshine
  • Charging time by USB/AC: 6-8 hours
  • Multiple colors: White, Black, Green, Yellow, Red, Silver
  • USB Input: plug any device into the input port

Compatible with: any device


    1. Quality Certification: FCC,CE,RoHS,MSDS
    2. USB Ports: 1
    3. Output: 5V/1A
    4. Output Interface: USB
    5. Support Quick Charge Technology: No
    6. Input: 100-240V/0.15A
    7. Solar Panel: 0.6W
    8. Charging time by sunlight: about 15-20 hours by strong sunshine
    9. Charging time by USB/AC: 6-8 hours
    10. Voltage: Input: 5V Output: 5V
    11. Power Source: USB, Solar Energy, A.C. Source

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