Deluxe Marshmello Helmet

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Why should I choose this product? 

This Deluxe Marshmello Helmet is perfect for anyone who enjoys being the life of the party! Wear this helmet to any concert and you will have crowds of people around you asking for a photo. If you don't mind wearing a helmet on top of your head for a quarter, half, or the entirety of the concert, then this helmet is definitely for you! 

  • Life of the Party: Have crowds of people asking for a photo with you!
  • Latex: Please be aware that the helmet is made of latex
  • Size: Suitable for all head sizes, Male or Female
  • High-quality: The material of this helmet is very durable, please store in a non-humid, dry area
  • Any Occassion: Perfect for a Halloween party, cosplay, convention, dress up, or concert!

    Suitable for: anyone who likes to party!


      1. Material: Latex
      2. Size: Any size, Male or Female
      3. Usage: all kinds of festivals and parties
      4. Description: environmentally friendly non-toxic
      5. Occasions: Concerts, halloween parties, cosplay, convention, dress up, or nightclubs!

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