Multi-USB C Adapter for MacBook Pros

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Why should I choose this product? 

This Multi-USB C Adapter for All Laptops is the perfect product for someone who has a lot of cables that they need to plug into their laptop, but not nearly enough inputs! We recommend anyone that travels a lot to get this product. We know that it will help you out ten-fold when you're on-the-go and trying to connect all of your devices to your laptop. 

  • Portable: You can easily fit this in your backpack or laptop bag! 
  • Colors: Gold, Silver, Pink and Grey
  • 5 Functions: Check the characteristics below!
  • Multiple Features: Check the characteristics below! 
  • USB Input: The adapter connects directly into any USB Input port 

Compatible with: any Laptop with 2 USB-C Input ports


  1. Card Slots: All in 1 / Multi in 1
  2. Interface: USB
  3. Type: SD Card
  4. Installation: External
  5. Feature 1: Dual USB C Hub for MacBook Pro
  6. Feature 2: Aluminium Type C to 2 USB 3.0 HUB with SD/Micro Card Reader
  7. Feature 3: Type C Female Charger PD
  8. Function 1: Type-C Hub Adapter
  9. Function 2 : USB C HUB
  10. Function 3: hub usb type c for macbook pro
  11. Function 4: USB HUB 3.0
  12. Function 5: USB 3.0 HUB With Type C Female Charger

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