Silicone Cable Organizer (7 Cables)

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Why should I choose this product? 

This Silicone Cable Organizer (7 Cables) is perfect for the individual who is dealing with a ton of cables on their desk. We know that after a while, this can get incredibly annoying! They even stick to your desk, so they don't flail around everywhere. What's more? They're available in 5 different colors. You're welcome. 

  • Silicone Material: The organizer is made out of high-quality silicone
  • 5 Colors: Grey, Blue, Orange, and Pink
  • Adhesive: Organizer has a peel-away adhesive on its back side 
  • Application: Cables that are less than 5mm thick
  • Functions: See characteristics below 


  1. Material: Silicone
  2. Size: 96*20*12mm
  3. Application: Cables less than 5mm
  4. Adhesive: Peel-away on the back side of the organizer
  5. Function 1: Cable winder
  6. Function 2: Cable holder
  7. Function 3: Earphone holder
  8. Function 4: Cable wire organizer
  9. Function 5: Wire Storage

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