Wireless Charging Pad for Apple™ iPhones

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Why should I choose this product? 

This Wireless Charging Pad for Apple™ iPhones is perfect for the Apple™ Fanboy who wants to experience wireless charging for the first time, without spending a fortune getting the new wireless charging pad that Apple™ sells. Simply plug the wireless charging device into your lighting cable port, and then flap it around to the back of the phone. Cover the back of your phone with your case (if you have one). Then, simply place the phone on top of the charging pad (make sure it's plugged in first). The sleek and stylish white design of the pad is perfect to sit on your desk, while you work away. 

  • Convenience: the wireless charging pad is incredibly convenient, instead of your boring plug-in charger
  • Sleek: the pad is sleek, stylish, and can sit on any flat surface
  • What's Included: Charging pad, USB Cord, & Wireless Charging Device 
  • USB Power Source: Connect to any USB Input port 
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Apple™ iPhones (5th Gen and above)

Compatible with: iPhones with a Lighting Cable Port


  1. Quality Certification: FCC, CE, RoHS
  2. Power Source: USB,A.C. Source
  3. USB Ports: 1
  4. Input: 5V/2A
  5. Output Interface: Lightning
  6. Output: 5V/1A
  7. Support Quick Charge Technology: No
  8. Working Power: 5W

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